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I’ve collected these MIDI soundtracks over years all over the internet or ripped them from the games myself. I renamed all files to better organise each soundtrack and tried to match all track names to the official original soundtrack, if any exists of course. All of these should be complete. Some archives contain more versions, General MIDI, FM, MT-32 or XG and if it were possible, I also included the original ripped files. I add couple of new soundtracks every day. I’ll keep adding new ones, until I’m out of soundtracks. If you find some issues, please let me know. If you are after the specific soundtrack, let me know as well, I’ll do my best to get it for you. Have fun.

Game: Pickle Wars
Year: 1994
Composed by: Robert Prince
MIDI versions: GM
Game: Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel
Year: 1992
Composed by: Margaret Lowe
MIDI versions: GM
Game: Popo Car
Year: 1994
Composed by:
MIDI versions: GM
Game: Prehistoric
Year: 1991
Composed by: Christophe Fevre
MIDI versions: MT-32, PC Speaker
Game: Prince of Persia
Year: 1990
Composed by: Francis Mechner
MIDI versions: MT-32

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